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Did You Know That Ketchup Used to be Sold as Medicine?


Did you know that Male Fetuses Get Erections? HTTP://YOUSHOULDGOOGLETHATSHIT.COM

Did You Know That The Shortest Road In The World Is Only 6 Feet, 9 Inches Long?

Ernest Vincent Wright Wrote a 50,000 Word Novel, “Gadsby” Without Using the Letter “E”

Jan 4

Did You Know That Corpses Can Get Goosebumps?


Jan 2

Did You Know That Due to Metal Shortages, Oscars Presented During World War II Were Made of Plaster?

Did You Know That Turtles Can Breathe Through Their Butts?

Did you know that Florida Has a Drive-In Church?


Happy National Pumpkin Pie Day!


Did You Know That in Chicago It Is Illegal To Eat in an Establishment That is On Fire!?